Adding a new User under Single Sign On

    Master Admin Steps

    1. As a Master Admin, log in using Single Sign On (SSO).
    2. Create a new user assigned to a Business Unit.

    A verification email from OwnBackup is sent to the new user. (The email states that the user has been created as a Read Only user).

    New User Steps

    1. In the verification email received from OwnBackup, click the "Confirm" link. An OwnBackup confirmation page opens.
    2. Click Accept Invitation. The OwnBackup login page opens.
    Note: You cannot use this page to log in.
    1. Navigate to the URL for the “IdP-Initiated Login” used by your Id Provider.
    2. Enter your log in credentials. You will then be redirected to the OwnBackup application as a valid SSO user.

    See also How to Swap Master Admin Accounts under SSO

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